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My name is Bridget. I’m a wife to Mr T (he’d probably like me to refer to him as T-Dog but that’s not gonna happen), a mum of three; Ruby 7, Ella 3 and Max 2. We have 1 dog, 2 cats and a snake. I have PND (post natal depression) and a big house with no furniture.

This is not a blog on how to live your life, more of a “this is how I did it and it’s probably not a good idea to do it the same kind of way” blog. I want heaps of advice from my readers. It would be a relief to find out that other people think the same as me and I’m not the only one… I currently see both a psychiatrist and psychologist but it is getting rather expensive.

So please, jump in, send me your thoughts and we’ll try and work out this wild ride together!

This blog is also for my brother and sister in law. They are childless and when they see me with the kids; the mess, the noise, the fighting, they ask “why? Why do you do it?”. As most parents know, the answer is incredibly easy but very hard to put into words.

I hope this blog can put it into words.


4 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Laura

    I think you are bloody wonderful, yay you for having the courage to put it out there. I think there is no one out there like you, but plenty with PND who are going to be so grateful that you have started this blog! 🙂 xxx

  2. Wendy

    Hey Bridget,
    Any sane mum all have the same mess as you. At present I have washing in the machine, the dirty basket is still full, clean washing hanging in the doorways, and folded on the bench! My home looks like a bombs hit it, but its just a short part of our life, when its most hetic.
    You’ve always got to remind yourself that your beautiful little kiddies are still small, very demanding and will create this havic!
    You’re home may not be how you like it (as we all don’t like a lot of things in ours!) but in time, it will fall into place and then you can look back and say to yourself, what was I worried about!
    If you’re concerned about what your friends are thinking about your home. I think, you then need to reconsider your friends and who your true friends are.
    As to people who don’t have kids. They truly don’t understand it, as well as they think they do. They haven’t had that wonderful experience of holding their baby in their arms and realising how much ‘extra’ love you have for your own child.
    I remember my oldest sister, leaving me breastfeeding and she came back 2-3 hours later and couldn’t believe I was back there doing it again! NOW, she has a child and I know she see’s it in a different view now.
    Maybe your kiddies could go for an overnight stay at your brothers pace and give them the wonderful experience!!
    Hold in there Bridget, its just a crazy rollercoaster ride at the moment!!


    • Bridget

      Wendy, you’re an angel. That is exactly what I needed to hear right at this moment. And yes, I think my brother will be getting a few overnight visitors!

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