Shit! Come and look at this!


Every morning I wake up thinking I’ll give this house another try. I mean, according to FB, I should be grateful that I have a roof over my head, and I am. But the house keeps fighting back.

The other night whilst getting ready for bed, I hear Mr T in the hallway. “Shit! Come and look at this”. He sounded excited, so I put my toothbrush down and headed for the hallway (two steps away).

“Is that a…?”      “Yep, it’s a scorpion!”       “I’ve gotta get out of this place, it’s killing me”    “Oh… Can you keep an eye on it while I get something to catch it in?”     “If I have to”

Mr T seemed genuinely confused that I wasn’t as impressed as him that there was a scorpion walking down the hallway.

The next night, whilst doing the dishes, the water stopped. Turns out the pump had died. A call to the real estate agent, 12 hours without water and we were back in business with a new pump. Now that’s fine, it could happen to the best of homes. What got me, was listening to Mr T and the plumber talk. I wasn’t really listening because they were talking about plumbing, but what I heard was; “valve blah blah blah” “pipe blah blah blah”. What I did hear clearly though was “can’t see where the water comes out of the tanks from. I’ve been out here a few times and always see something strange when I’m here”.

Now, we’ve been here for three months and we’ve had the plumbers out here four times and I’d never seen this guy before. How many plumbing issues does this house have? I know one toilet doesn’t flush properly and no matter how much we clean it, it still smells. Our shower doesn’t drain properly. The sink in the bathroom isn’t attached and “floats” on the bench top. If that’s what’s still broken, what have they fixed in the visits before we moved here?

Our water supply. I didn't take a photo of the scorpion.

Our water supply. I didn’t take a photo of the scorpion.

The night after the pump died, I was getting ready for bed and Mr T yells out “come and look at this!”    “No!!!!!”   “It’s okay, it’s a frog, and it’s outside”.

Since then, I’ve showered and slept with a lizard, nearly stood on a lizard in the kitchen and had Mr T remove a frog from the bedroom door. Oh, and the snake is still here but at least he is outside.

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