It’s a wild world out there (and sometimes in here)


Just a quick post here, grabbing bits of time while I can. I hope to start writing more soon.

We’ve been here about six weeks now and one thing that still amazes me every day is the wildlife that surrounds our home. That and the amazing views. Now I won’t be able to share much in the way of photos as my skills in that arena are not the best. And also the fact that each time I see a new addition to the paddock, I don’t have a camera on me.

Our house is on top of a hill, facing west and looking down into the valley where the town is. This makes for spectacular sunsets and when there’s no sunset, you can see the weather moving in. The storms are amazing!

Sunset 2Sunset






My efforts at sunset photography. We’ve had some spectacular ones here but instead of taking pictures of them, I stand there staring. Once they’re over, that’s when I think to grab the camera.

Now to the wildlife. Splash the horse is still here. She’s a lovely girl and I will miss her when she moves on but she is lonely without a paddock companion. When the horses next door are moved to another paddock, she sulks and then runs up and down the fence. In her new home, she’ll have a buddy. You can make out the float they’re trying to get her in in the photos above. Slow going.

Kangaroos. Everywhere! I’ve even swept kangaroo poo off the front porch. They normally stay more than 5 meters away but every now and then we’ll get a curious visitor. You often see them with joeys in their pouches. There was also the unfortunate incident of a young roo in the driveway late one night with a broken leg. The wildlife rescuers recommended euthanising her, that’s great but we don’t have a gun. Don’t worry, call the local cops, they’ll sort it out for you. I really had no idea that our police force offered this service but call them we did and they turned up (turns out he lives a few houses down from us) and did what they had to do. Once he realised we had kids, he even moved it out of the driveway for us so we didn’t have to have that conversation with them first thing the next morning.

Our view whilst eating dinner.

Our view whilst eating dinner. They’re all around us. The others were down at the dam.

We also have echidnas, wombats, rabbits and foxes.

There are King Parrots, Rosellas, Kookaburras, Cockatoos (which Ella calls tissues, because it looks as if someone dropped a box of them in the paddock) and the freakin Magpies! Which seem to have stopped swooping us. But the kids stopped playing outside and I was nervous hanging the washing up and walking to the letterbox.

There are also reptiles. Now I am a fan of lizards and snakes, and it turns out we have many of both here. And you tell your children that when they see a snake, stop and move quietly away. However, when a big Brown Snake sneaks up behind me on the front veranda and makes its way next to my foot, I am allowed to scream a high pitched scream, jump really high and start running before my legs hit the ground. Do as I say children, not as I do.

Inside the house, it’s just the usual, spiders, ants, cockroaches and centipedes. I’m not quite ready to tell you about the house yet. I’m still learning to love it and if I try to tell you about it now, you’ll assume I’m living in the town dump. It’s really not that bad at all. I’m still adjusting.

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