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After visiting our new home with another truck load of furniture, I feel a bit better. A bit more enthusiastic. I realised that the issue with the house wasn’t the bugs, spiders, dirt and holes in the curtains, it was the light. The living areas of the house face south, which is where the amazing views are but not where the sun is. There is also a veranda around the house, which shades it even more. These are all normal things but when everything in the house is brown, and the rooms are small, the result is a dark and oppressive feeling. But I’m determined to love where I’m living and will fill the house with white (everything!), mirrors and lamps.

Now onto the house. This is the view from our driveway. Front gateThat’s the house way up the top. Splash’s paddock is on the left and on the right is a narrow paddock that separates us from a State Forest.

And here is the house. Obviously my reaction (crying) to the house was rather extreme. With the sun setting on it, it’s rather picturesque.House

View one of the backyard.Backyard 1

View two of the backyard. The backyard ends around where the trees start, that’s where the State Forest begins.Backyard 2

Front yard looking down the driveway to the letterbox. I reckon I can pour a drink, sit on the veranda and send the kids to check the mail. By the time they get back I’ll be finished.Front yard 1

Front yard looking over Splash’s paddock to the damn. Ella wants to swim here.Front yard 2

And here is part of the amazing view.Front yard view

I suppose it’s not too bad. Time will tell.

What do you think? Am I being a tad dramatic? Would you live here?

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