Angel Gowns Australia


I came across the Angel Gowns Australia website the other day and I think these people are amazing.

They make beautiful gowns from donated wedding dresses for babies that leave hospital with their angel wings.

I am not asking you in any way to donate your dress, so please do not feel any guilt at all if you do not wish to. The only emotion I would ask you to feel is love.  Love for the people who donate their time to organise, make and distribute the dresses. Love for the people who donate their dresses. Love for the families and angels that need these dresses.

Until I came across this site I didn’t even realise that there was a need for Angel Gowns. I am very fortunate not to have been in this position. Thinking about it though, if I put myself in the shoes of a family who has lost a baby, it would be a gesture that means so much.

Angel Gowns Australia


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